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Welcome to the Online Backup Service Signup Center!

This service allows you to backup your files over the Internet and you only pay a monthly fee based on space used on our servers. You control the files selected for backup and therefore your monthly expense. The size of selected files as well as current space used on our servers is shown at the bottom of the backup client software and can be viewed online at any time at the URL provided in the email you will receive with your login information & installation instructions. To help control your usage, you can also specify a maximum amount of space you'd like to be able to reach before your backups are disabled. If this amount is not specified, 500MB will be used. This can be changed at anytime but can only be increased unless you remove files from our server to allow for a decrease as the limit can never be lower than the space you currently use.

There is a one-time signup fee of $50. (That's 1/2 off the normal $100 fee and for a limited time only!) You will be emailed a monthly bill stating your usage and your total cost. You can pay online with PayPal or a check by mail. All payments must be received within 25 days after bill is received or your account will be disabled and you will no longer be able to backup or restore the files stored on our servers. You will be notified by email if your payment has not been received approximately 5 days before your account is disabled in the event you simply overlooked it but we recommend prompt payment to assure your service is not interrupted.

If you wish to signup, click the 'Buy Now' button below to send the $50 signup fee by PayPal or contact us for directions to mail a check or money order. Once your payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you with the URL to download the client and installation/setup instructions as well as links to view your account stats or to make payments.

There is a 100% money back guarantee! If within 30 days you're not happy with our Online Backup Service for ANY reason we will refund your signup fee no questions asked! That's how confident we are that you'll love our service.

Thank You!
William Warner Support

(All fees are payable in US Dollars. Money back guarantee limited to one per person. In order to better our service and try to make things right with you, we ask why you're canceling but you are not required to answer in order to receive your refund.)

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